Any print may be ordered in any size. The price of $65.00 shown on this website, is approximately 21" x 18" unframed. Your print will be printed proportionately to the dimension you give us (width or height). Email Neil at or call him at 859-621-5511 and give him your order number after purchasing your art print!

For a custom giclee on canvas, please call Neil for a quote.
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Weed Bandit

The World’s Best Hoe Ever Invented!

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Henry Faulkner – Kites Of Spring

Kites of Spring

Price: $65.00

Henry Faulkner – The Park

The Park by Henry Faulkner

Price: $65.00

Henry Faulkner – Henry’s Friend

Henry's Friend by Henry Faulkner

Price: $65.00

Henry Faulkner – Gratz Park House

Gratz Park House by Henry Faulkner

Price: $65.00

Henry Faulkner – Amalfi


Price: $65.00

Henry Faulkner – The Courtyard

Price: $65.00

Henry Faulkner – Backyard

Backyard by Henry Faulkner

Price: $65.00

Zoltan Szabo – Ocean Song

Ocean Song by Zoltan Szabo

Price: $65.00

Zoltan Szabo – Mini Harbor

Mini Harbor by Zoltan Szabo

Price: $65.00